About Us

Our Performer’s Area Services Co., Ltd. Myanmar (Burma) was established in 1995 as to the existing Laws of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

It goes without saying

It goes without saying that it was formed and conducted by the internationally experienced scholars, talented artists, skilled technicians, the best designers, architects and civil engineers, still as reputation and fame accumulated it is moving into the field at the high speed, producing and engraving in brass, steel plates portraying paintings and model of Dams and Reservoirs, Bridges, International Airports, as to their scales of the originals, some of them are handed out as gifts which are in 3D Dimension in brass and steel, for which may we say that we are the first of its kind in Myanmar.

In addition, we happen to be the very first creators in presentation of the River Bridges, Irrigation Dams, the historical buildings, monuments, Ceremonial Arches and Gates, in 4D replicas in Gold, Silver and bronze for various purposes, in particular as gifts and mementos.

In the line of performances, everyone knows that Performer’s Area Services Company Limited, is the most dynamic and outstanding one which is engraving in Laser Engraving Embossing on Steel and Brass. We do take great interest in 4D industry, INSCRIPTION, TROPHIES, CERTIFICATES, Special Gift Items for élite, Crops Diplomatique, UN Institutions and Government bodies, Besides, Nameplates & Key chains, Engraving Arts on Steel & Brass are produced.

We do undertake to present Inscriptions on the brass, steel for Graduation Certificates, Words of Honour, for internal and international activities as to their Logos, along with the client’s, signature without any flow and defect to last forever and a day.

We also undertake and produce

We also undertake and produce Logos of the Institution and bodies, indispensable logos, badges, holders for bunches of keys, along with their respective logos engraved for durability in bright multi-colors.

Besides, we are proud of ourselves on the fact that we have been rendering service by producing Awards and Trophies for all kinds sports in the length and breadth of Myanmar to meet with client’s needs and entire satisfaction, including the signature of the persons concerned.

And we are making unique

And we are making unique, grand and eye-catching, Signboards and Billboards which are always telling about your deserved reputation and fame. In the process of making signboards in brass, steel, zinc, acrylic and other metals in 3D, 4D accordingly, and implement them up to the end process, Brass, Steel rings of the Logos in 3D, 4D as to the needs of the client’s. The grand and outstanding light boxes are produced for day and night purpose and publicity, Neon Lights, LED Light-display Signboards, for day and night performances are produced at the international standards, of course with daring innovation and creation. For we do believe in “Always ahead of the ultra-modern curve.”

We take care

We take care to make the surface of the signboards with composite, acrylic, aluminum and beautifying with needed metals for aesthetic values and durability.

We present the assigned works

We present the assigned works after the many a time check-recheck-and-counter-check of the best Compu-designers, artists, architects, civil engineers, engraving and embossing experts, Senior Designers and the Director of Marketing and R & D. Our motto “The entire satisfaction of our customers is the highest importance.”And we do know how important our customers and clients are.

We do under take

We do under take to comply with the promised materials as to their quantity, terms and conditions, origin of countries. Our vision is: Everything must be up to the mark, everything is very important for durability and reputation to enjoy WIN-WIN fruitful results. We give guarantee as to our promise.

In accordance with our motto

In accordance with our motto Our concentration= your satisfaction, our path-finder and lifeblood. Our 17 years of famous standing and excellent services up to now the credit are the support of our customers and clients.

We are positive

We are positive that you will become our eternal friend and client, starting from a new customer, after concreting our friendship out of good, reasonable and agreeable results. Our good name and reputation can be asked and gauged to the established and successful Depts., Ministries, Enterprises, firms, tycoons who came into close contact with use. As future belongs to us, your trust and our best performance are vital.